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Watering, applying the necessary fertilizers and harvesting is impossible without agricultural equipment

Trailer equipment or attachments? For tillage or crop care?

You will find everything in this category.

Taking care of the quality and speed of your work on the site, we divided all products into areas of application. Let's start with agricultural equipment. On the VAS agricultural bulletin board, you can buy and sell goods for each process. Plows and harrows for proper soil preparation, fertilizer spreaders for applying the necessary elements, a huge variety of seeders of different types and brands.

There will be no dry soil in your garden - sprinklers and sprayers of all sizes are right here.

Equipment for making hay and harvesting (reapers, mowers, and others) is also in plain sight.

You can harvest wood, perform construction and household work with equipment for special machines.

Granulators and presses, blades and buckets, grabs and hydraulic hammers are available for sale and purchase here.

Generators and transformers for continuous electrical power can be found in the General Purpose Equipment group.

And the last but not least group is Farm equipment

It contains goods for the care of animals and the maintenance of proper conditions on the farm.

There are scales and animal feeding lines, milking machines and climate control equipment for farm buildings and much more.

 We hope that we will please the seller and the buyer with a diverse list of products presented.

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