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About VAS

Welcome to the International Agricultural Platform VAS

We are a service where you can buy or sell agricultural goods and services around the world, as well as expand your communication in the field of agricultural business.

With us, each user will find exactly what he needs: agricultural machinery and equipment, finished agricultural products, agricultural real estate and land, chemicals and various agricultural services.

VAS is a constantly evolving marketplace

Our goal is to connect agricultural sellers and buyers around the world.

With each new stage, we provide a new country with access to goods and companies from other countries to trade for import and export, so stay tuned for our news and new opportunities on the site.

We offer to our users 12 categories and more than 500,000 positions to place their products on the site for a quick, safe, high-quality sale or purchase.

Categories to work on VAS:

  1. Agricultural vehicles;
  2. Freight vehicles;
  3. Equipment;
  4. Special purpose vehicles;
  5. Spare parts;
  6. Passenger vehicles;
  7. Fuel and lubrication materials;
  8. Agricultural products;
  9. Seeds;
  10. Chemicals and fertilizers;
  11. Land and agricultural real estate units;
  12. Agricultural services;

We wish you successful sales and purchases

VAS is your Agro-device!